Monday, December 6, 2010


Brrrrrrrnnnnng Brrrrrrrnggggggggg !! The Fixie! Bought a hunk of junk. Unwanted. Unloved. However underneath the tacky Coles basket and taped dynamo lies a classic vintage chrome beauty. Pride & Joy. Ozzie icon The Malvern Star. The Fixie called “Isabella”  (Yes that was necessary) Stripped back to her bare naked self the way nature intended. Gears on a fixie? Pfffft who would do such a thing. The past criminal owner installed gears on her. Criminal ! A Fixie is called that for a reason ! So no gears, white wall tyres and back pedal brakes later here she shines. Yeah had to install the really annoying get of my way bell.  So she cant be ridden up hills or any slight incline for that matter. She cant be ridden down hill coz I ended up forcing us into a construction fence to stop. (No pride hurt no one was around). Whats the point you say? Its all the point! shes hot, vintage and guaranteed to always be my drunken ride home.

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