Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet Sweet Apple!

Over the last year I have noticed Cider making a comeback to our club fridges! This is exciting news to me! In the past I’ve been labelled totally old fashioned and somewhat grandma for choosing the crisp taste of Cider over a Non Carb Beer! Feeling pressure I felt the sway to an alcoholic lemon lime bitters but it just didn’t stick. However good, the comeback has created competition between cider brands and has completely turned me into a Cider snob !! Now I only drink one, possibly two brands of cider out of many. And most pubs still don’t sell my favourite brand! Criminal. Get over it you say? I don’t know what to tell you I am just so in love with Cider ! What better way than to spend an afternoon in the sun overlooking prestige scenery. Sold. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Blazer: thrifted, tee: bassike, shoes: Gracious me, pants from here, and necklace: Frankie Sunshine
The case of the baggy crutch, they have been around for a long while now but I am not tiring. I wore mine last night and they were a delight, we headed to an art gallery opening then some of the most delicious Tapas I have devoured, oh so so good and I was comfortable all the way (not very fashionable to put comfort ahead of style but what the hey I do this just about always).
I realise that the old baggy crutch skinny leg thing isnt really everybodies cup of tea, definitely not the most flattering either but I enjoy them immensley. These particular pantaloons will be available here in a few short days, woohoo!
The necklace I am wearing here is a massive brass fox head that was made to decorate horse saddles back in the day on some thick round leather, I will post about a simply amazing little collection I have of these shortly and I also have to tell you about the staircase but another time another time. Happy sunny weekend! x


Claudia in the Chanel Spring/Summer 10 campaign.Timeless and lovely

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Collette Dinnigan does some lovely lace for Spring

For the love of DOG !

Taking this moment to appreciate the dog. There’s nothing better than the company of a cool dog hey. No accessories needed. I travel over the Tasman to see mine after being apart for so long and she still worships the ground I walk on. That’s Rad. She doesn’t squint an eye at my airplane hair. She doesn’t cringe at my comfy airplane attire (daggy leggings and bad shirt)I've only trod in Dog Doo twice in my life (both times with shoes that have a maze of tread) but its only twice so that far under ways the coolness of dogs. 
Dogs must always have human names thus making them human.  Anyone calling their dog Buttons, Fluffy or Szechuan (ideally for cats) we need to have words!! However, acceptable can be the likes of Social, Cooey and Mac-attack. Even the hardest critics can succumb to the coolness of dogs. My mums cat now thinks he’s a dog?Dog lovers excluding dog haters (like you people must be insane!!? ) we all agree that dogs are the best.



 Excellent, fabulous, exciting, spectacular Frankie Sunshine news...
Chaz from Chaz Webb photography see interview a couple of posts back has come on board and will be our resident photographer!
Yes wonderous news, each week she will do a photography post of something special she has happy snapped up, watch out because there will be original, quirky, inspiring, magnificent pics each week for you to peruse.
A big warm razzle dazzle welcome to the Frankie Sunshine team Chazzle, it is so great to have you on board and cannot wait to see the stunning pics each week! x

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sweetest dreams

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Chaz Webb

Please meet the beautiful, fun filled and talented photographer extraordinaire Chaz Webb. Chaz is the brains, beauty & talent behind Chaz Webb Photography, a boutique photography business.
Chaz is called apon to shoot some pretty amazing things, people, places & music. Some of her latest and greatest and my personal faves from her ever burgeoning collection of photos are shots of Florence & the Machine, Tame Impala & The Smashing Pumpkins. She is so great that she was the only photographer asked to shoot Ice Cube while he performed in Sydney recently! Pretty fabulous!

These are some of her pics:
For more awesome shots check out her website here.

Now the interview:
1: Tell us a little bit about Chaz Webb photography:
Chaz webb photography is an independent freelance one woman photographic bizz. I Take photos of pretty much everything and anything (specially music).
2. Who is your favourite photographer?
Fave photographer would have to be Ansell Adams.
3. What is a typical day like for you?
Typical day for me would be lotsa emails, chatting with the Editor and planning my shoots. And some FB !!
4. Your most memorable photography moment?
My most memorable photographic moment would have to be in Sanfrancisco. I Was only there for a very short time and 1 quick visit to the bridge. In that short amount of time there was a smog cloud over the bay only for a few minutes but just enough time for me to get some absolutely incredible black and whites. Once in a life time for me!
 5. Where would you like Chaz Webb Photography to be in 5 years?
I would like Chaz Webb Photography to be a photographer that everybodys heard of!
6. What is your personal fashion style?
Personal fashion style for me, its ever changing and non conformist! I can be totally different from day to day. Casual day I will wear my little brown vintage ankle boots some denim shorts frill top white socks and a white shirt and a night out I'll do my little vintage dresses and vintage ankle boots. When I do my rock gig shoots I will usually go total rockstar leather jacket and tight jeans!
7. Fave fashion designer?I love Yves Saint Laurent. Even though i cant afford to buy the clothes I can still dream and picture myself looking great in those clothes!
8. Who is your favourite musician?
This is a hard one! I've seen so many amazing musicians with my job. And i love so much music! So im going to say my favourite so far I've shot.. Florence and the Machine.
9. Next place you would like to visit?
Any travel is good travel but im gonna say Cuba
10. Tell Frankie Sunshine a Joke...
Two muffins are in the oven.
One says to the other "God it's hot in here"
The other one replies "Oh no... It's a talking muffin"

Watch this space for something a little special very soon...

chloe ballerina love

Chloé Spring summer 2011. Simply amazing, magical, full of fairy sparkles and fairyfloss flavoured fantasy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh how I love Daria

Monday, October 25, 2010

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Wazzle

 Photo by Laura Watts: Warry, Max & Me in Frankie Sunshine Vintage shirt, vintage bag & Lee cut offs.

Frankie Sunshine chats to 5th year architecture student Warren Haasnoot about architecture, art, fashion and fun. This special man is also my lover lover, attemptive moustache grower, dad to Zali Sunshine, all round calm guy, slow talker and handsome devil.
Thanks to Waroo for being the first in my Frankie Sunshine talks to series. I will be having a quick chittychat to some lovely creative peeps from different industries in and around my world and posting them right here over the coming weeks so I hope you enjoy...
But first some of the spunkrats  work:
 The chat:
1. Do you have a nickname? 
You give me many nicknames, no one likes to call me by my real name, I don’t know why?? Maybe warren is a little too formal or has too much nerd appeal?

2.What are your qualifications? 
I have had 26 years experience, 27 this February

3.Who are you inspired by? 
People who are doing things in their own way and with their own style

4. Who is your favourite architect & why? 
At the moment in Australia – Andrew Maynard, Sean Godsell and Richard Goodwin, International – Herzog and De Meuron, BIG and Peter Zumthor. All have unique design styles and trajectories with strong orientation towards social and environmental ecology.

5. What would you say your architectural style is? 
 I don’t have a specific style. Each project is an individual response to place through a series of questions. You must have an answer for every question.

6. Favourite piece of clothing? 
Skinny leg cargos I picked up in Bangkok and a Ben Sherman casual suit jacket, perfect for any occasion.

7. Hobbies? 
I used to enjoy surfing and art but I am struggling to find the time at the moment, architecture has enveloped my life. I guess architecture has developed into an excessive hobby and I read a lot more than I used to which is great.

8. Favourite musician? 
There are a few, Sufjan Stevens, Bill Callaghan and Nick Drake.

9. Favourite fashion designer? 
I have no money for labels, im just a poor student. Vintage all the way

10. Favourite artist?
 Elmgreen & Dragset. I enjoy their wit & subversive humour

11. Favourite memory? 
Surfing when I was younger, travelling or any combination of the two. I remember fondly when I met my love also.

12. Tell FS a joke? 
How’s this for a joke...Tony Abbott!


This I love. Olivia tackling a bike in those heels with that hair and her all round ever present perfection hanging there just like her perfect and amazing hermes balancing on the back.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

crystal love

New Unearthen crystals, so good! I'll take them all please

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanks Paris

Special Paris fashion week moments...

Friday, October 22, 2010


A few vintage gems I have listed on ebay, check them out here for details

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The most amazing rings I have ever seen are coming here soon. Stunning and extra large sterling silver and precious gem stoned animal kingdom amazingness can be on your fingers super soon. But there are very very limited stocks of these finger bejewelling masterpieces.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anja Rubic

Anja Rubik for Vogue Latin America October 2010 by Marcin Tyszka