Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sneak peek

Here is a quick little sneak peek of one of the out takes from the look book shoot we had on Saturday. Lots lots more to come.
In this pic spunk rat Issy in Sumakhi drape back jacket (has hood. extra bonus!) Style Stalker Trust fund dress which is an amazing almagamation of mesh, and twisted fabric and Finders Keepers Electric bird jacket xx


  1. love the frankie and love the spunky issy,
    cannot wait to look at the lookbook and get my hot little fingertips on the good looking goodness!
    love, natina fesh x

  2. this is looking really really cool.. I like the outfit a lot.. can't wait to see the rest..
    and thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll keep in touch.. stay cool!