Thursday, January 13, 2011

bicycle love

For Christmas we got bikes and I think this would have to be my favourite Chrissy gift of all time. Yes I was given bikes when I was little, I remember a cute pink & purple one with training wheels and streamers flowing from the handle bars and a brilliant red mountain bike when I was a bit bigger, but growing up we lived in hilly terrain and riding was always very very good exercise. So this years bike has come at a time when I live in a pretty flat area and it is so so so much fun to get on and head off on an adventure. 2011 has turned out to be the 'year to ride' and I just love it.
I am wearing Raphaella mesh oversized tee available here on sale  for some ridiculously low price, black slip I have had forever, 2 tone leather boots I had made, bag bought in Vietnam, Nixon watch, Frankie Sunshine Vintage Brass necklace  & YSL ring.

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