Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frankie Sunshine

I would like to share a little story about where the name Frankie Sunshine came from.
A long time ago I came across a breed of pig that only grows to the size of a small dog, a miniture pig. I instantly became absolutely positive that as soon as I owned my own home I would get myself a miniture piglet as my pet. Why? they are adorable, you can walk them just like a dog, they become your little friend without the fur, they come in lots and lots of different colours and well why not! This little piglet was to be named Frankie Sunshine and he or she was going to be my very best friend I was sure of it.
Anyway the time came and we found the perfect home, we got busy renovating and when our little palace was ready for one more I got talked into getting a puppy instead. An adorable puppy and one I would never swap for a cute as a button piglet now of course but I could not give my little puppy the name that was destined for a mini piglet of course so Zali Sunshine was named and when I had the brilliant idea of starting a blog to store all the inspiring things I came across the name Frankie Sunshine was fitting, as time went on and I developed my shop it was only natural that it was given the same name and so while I do not have a tiny pig sitting at my feet, I do have a blog that I love, a puppy I adore and I am still trying to convince the boy that there is room for one more.

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