Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer days

Yes yes I am a big believer in the saying 'cool kid wear lids' and did pop my helmet on straight after these pics were taken i promise, and I don't even mind about hat hair these days because of the joy of the ride. 
We rode to dinner (tapas my fave! I have actually just returned from a tapas feast right now actually) for a good friends birthday, hence the essentials in the basket (clutch, present, wine), yes it was on one of the heat wave days but you know while the wind is whooshing past you don't even feel the heat. 
This bike has brought me so many good times already and it's only Feb! Imagine the reports I will have by the end of the year. So good is this bike that 2 friends of mine have bought the exact same model and I think one more is almost sold, we nearly have the rainbow in bikes, cream, blue and red!
I am wearing a super great Frankie Sunshine Vintage dress that will be hitting the store next week along with lots and lots of other glorious goodies, pig brooch a gift from BF (who by the way is a little bit clever in the architectural field check his blog out here to see some of his work and inspirations as well as plenty of pretty pictures), ballet slippers from a dance store and YSl ring. Ooh nearly Friday Yay! I hope everyone has a great one x

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