Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage treasure

I hope everyone had a super brilliant weekend, I made the most of the last weekend of summer and am fighting back the tears because today is the last day!
I have been extremely busy of late and it feels like summer only started last week, I will miss greatly the balmy evenings, beach dates, summer festivities, summer fruits and bronzed skin. On the positive at least there is layering and fun fashion to look forward to, drapey cardigans, delicately beaded jackets, knee high socks, tights and shorts and knits knits knits, heaps of beautiful things coming into the store over the next couple of months to warm my frozen toes and get excited about.
Here are a few of the sweet little vintage gems that will be hitting the store on Thursday evening at 6pm. Love love love them and will be so sad to see them go. If you have any questions please let me know. Also I have just joined bloglovin (excuse me have you been asleep for the last few years I hear you ask, well yeah I think I probably have) but it has made my life a hellovalot simpler, and am totally loving it so please follow me here. Happy Monday pretty people x


  1. very pretty! Drooling over the shop currently! x

  2. these are sooo cute. i love the one with the heart in front. gimme gimme!

    <3 steffy

  3. I love the third one down the best! Your hair is super pretty! :)

  4. Super gorgeous honey! Loving that hot pink number - smokin! :)

    Friend in Fashion

  5. Thanks so much girls, intore tonight!! x