Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh yeah Frankie Sunshine is on SALE! 30% off ALL stock for 1 week only.
This includes sale stock as well as Frankie Sunshine Vintage. So many amazing things. All you need to do is
use Promo code: FRANKIE30 at checkout to have carts discounted. So much amazing Spring Summer stock rolling in next week and we are clearing out the Autumn/Winter bits and pieces to make room.
These are my faves:
1. Fairground Bunny Wraps,
2. Stylestalker sheer shirt amazingness,
3. My favourite Sumakhi Jacket
4. This amazing Fairground maxi skirt
5. Black lace maxi dress wonderment by This is Genevieve
There's nothing like a bit of sale shopping and I would love to hear what bargains you bag yourselves.
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  1. That code wont work for me :(

  2. Hi Sarah, make sure you hit 'apply code' below where you have entered it in. If it still doesn't work please email us at and we will work it out x

  3. Hmmm cant remember if I did that or not lol I will try again tonight! x