Monday, March 21, 2011

5 things

How was everyones weekends? Mine was dandyline. Here are 5 homely things currently making me very happy.
1. My Ned Kelly sculpture by artist Bill Kelly that is currently taking residence in my garden.
2. A single red hibiscus my lover picked for me while walking Zali girl on the weekend.
3. Home made bread made and delivered with love by my dad.
4. My massive Vintage clock, a pressie from my best friend laurie.
5. A clothesline full of new Vintage dresses coming to the store soon.
Ooh don't forget it's your last chance to Win a Fairground Bunny Got Nailed Wrap worth $199! If you haven't already entered get to it here so simple to enter, closes Thursday 24th and good good luck! someone is going to be a very happy Bunny x


  1. I love your clock!!!!

  2. ooh those dresses look great

  3. mmm homeade bread looks delish

    <3 steffy

  4. That red flower is gorgeous. Great picture!

  5. I really love that clock too!! And I adore using glass jars or actually glasses as a vase, gives so much more character to the concept of a flower out of soil :)

  6. I particularly like the clock and this laurie person you speak of/