Sunday, March 27, 2011

Star watch

This is pretty cool. I was checking out the Style Stalker blog and saw these piccies of Jessica Alba in the Hollow knit Cape by Style Stalker which we have in store. I wore mine yesterday as it was a chilly day with short frilly black denim shorts and my striped Miss Bee Bee sailor tee and felt fabulous in it, love the long drapey back and gold sparkle thread through out, glad Jess loves it too! PS need her boots.
PPS Congratulations to Rispa for winning the Bunny wrap, it's going to be a super cosie winter. And thank you to everyone who entered. More Bunny wraps arriving in store soon.


  1. Great sweater. She dresses so well. I love how each of her looks is so different.

  2. She is a total babe as are the boots!