Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Seat

Today I went to antique heaven! Out the front of the coffee shop/antique paradise was a love seat complete with boot pot plant, and inside was every antique delight imaginable. My mum and I explored the stunning store and came across wonderous thing like old rocking horses, decadent jewels, vintage top hats and gowns not to mention this amazing cash register, oodles of wireless radios and the piece that stole my heart this one of kind hand made brown leather chair, oh how amazing this would look in my office draped in pretty vintage fabrics with a stack of magazines next to it urging me to take a tea break ahhhh but alas I did not take it home, it is still sitting pretty in the window hoping for a fabulous new owner to make more memories with and I am left adding it to my wishlist. Fingers crossed it will one day be mine.
For my morning date with my mum I wore (and I know I keep going on about this little number but I loveitohsosomuch) my Jessica Alba cardigan which just goes over absolutely anything and everything of mine at the moment, old Frankie Sunshine oversized tee dress, State of Georgia Ringmaster cape, gifted blue clutch, YSL ring and my ever so loved and comfortable two tone boots.


  1. Oh gosh that looks like an incredible place!! Lucky! x

  2. Amazing place, I wish we had places like this one here.

  3. I love antique shopping! Your clutch is great btw :)

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  4. Love this post and love what you're wearing!


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  5. Omg I love the radios they look so amazing! I love vintage furniture. What a great shop. x

  6. Kate i need the cardi!!!!! LOVES it!!


  7. Nice outfit! Beautiful pictures! Awesome's place!

  8. beautiful outfit!