Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage Sneak Peek

How has everyones weekends been? Mine has been fabulous, plenty of sunshine, Thai food, Vintage treasure, breakky dates, red wine etc etc which at this time of the year I am absolutely thrilled about. Please oh please warm weather hang around for as long as you can! I find I turn into a hermit in Winter, ooh which reminds me I probably need to go slipper shopping asap (Ugh!)
As well as soaking up the last rays of sunshine I shot some super special Vintage for the store, here are my personal faves which will be in store 7pm tomorrow night (Monday). The velvet mini dress is so lush as is the floral jumpsuit. My oh my they just keep getting harder to part with, this is because of my selection criteria when I am buying both new and vintage goodies for the store. Everytime I am presented with potential new stock I ask myself the question "Do you love it enough to wear it?" and when the answer is a big fat "Yes, I want it right now!" it gets added to my shopping basket and eventually you see it in the Frankie Sunshine store and get the opportunity to buy it for yourself, so if you have any suggestions of things you would love to see instore please let me know, I am constantly checking out new ranges and sourcing up and coming designers and Vintage for the store and will keep your requests in mind. Now I'm off to walk Zali Sunshine before said sunshine leaves me an hour earlier today x


  1. wow loove with that lippie colour!! :) And that polka dot dress is super cute!!

    B xx