Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Packing my bags

Guess where I'm off to this weekend? Yep Melbourne town, I hope the rain is sick of itself by Friday and the weather feels like reverting to hot summer days and springtime nights for just a few days. I am planning on eating delicious food, doing a spot of shopping for the store and visiting my gorgeous friends Natty Fresh & Pierre (last pic) and doesn't Natty Fresh look amazing in her Jersey Harem pants from Frankie Sunshine teemed with her absolutely amaze Chloe bag and super cute manbag, yes yes she does and I can't wait to hug her bones, 2 sleeps! Thanks to the amazing Laurie for the beautiful photos and for warming up the city for me last weekend x


  1. Have fun!!! Hope the weather is kind to you.

  2. ohh wow your comin to Melbs!!! look our weather is a bit schizo, so bring your gumboots, bikini, cyclone bunker you name you'll prob need it all in one day here!! hehe! oh and p.s the "Jessica Alba cardigan" just looks too amaze think i def have to get me one!!!! <3


  3. Thanks Green Tea and cupcakes by the sounds of things I will have to be very very lucky!
    Bianca I was scared of that!! Will pack something for every occasion. Oh I know you absolutely need one of these cardi's I have been living in mine since I got it and hey if it's good enough for Jessica Alba! :) xx

  4. great photos! :))i like it!
    have a nice day!
    come to me and follow if you want.

  5. Have an amazing time! And she does look great in the pants :)

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