Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the love of DOG !

Taking this moment to appreciate the dog. There’s nothing better than the company of a cool dog hey. No accessories needed. I travel over the Tasman to see mine after being apart for so long and she still worships the ground I walk on. That’s Rad. She doesn’t squint an eye at my airplane hair. She doesn’t cringe at my comfy airplane attire (daggy leggings and bad shirt)I've only trod in Dog Doo twice in my life (both times with shoes that have a maze of tread) but its only twice so that far under ways the coolness of dogs. 
Dogs must always have human names thus making them human.  Anyone calling their dog Buttons, Fluffy or Szechuan (ideally for cats) we need to have words!! However, acceptable can be the likes of Social, Cooey and Mac-attack. Even the hardest critics can succumb to the coolness of dogs. My mums cat now thinks he’s a dog?Dog lovers excluding dog haters (like you people must be insane!!? ) we all agree that dogs are the best.

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