Saturday, October 30, 2010


Blazer: thrifted, tee: bassike, shoes: Gracious me, pants from here, and necklace: Frankie Sunshine
The case of the baggy crutch, they have been around for a long while now but I am not tiring. I wore mine last night and they were a delight, we headed to an art gallery opening then some of the most delicious Tapas I have devoured, oh so so good and I was comfortable all the way (not very fashionable to put comfort ahead of style but what the hey I do this just about always).
I realise that the old baggy crutch skinny leg thing isnt really everybodies cup of tea, definitely not the most flattering either but I enjoy them immensley. These particular pantaloons will be available here in a few short days, woohoo!
The necklace I am wearing here is a massive brass fox head that was made to decorate horse saddles back in the day on some thick round leather, I will post about a simply amazing little collection I have of these shortly and I also have to tell you about the staircase but another time another time. Happy sunny weekend! x

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