Monday, October 25, 2010

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Wazzle

 Photo by Laura Watts: Warry, Max & Me in Frankie Sunshine Vintage shirt, vintage bag & Lee cut offs.

Frankie Sunshine chats to 5th year architecture student Warren Haasnoot about architecture, art, fashion and fun. This special man is also my lover lover, attemptive moustache grower, dad to Zali Sunshine, all round calm guy, slow talker and handsome devil.
Thanks to Waroo for being the first in my Frankie Sunshine talks to series. I will be having a quick chittychat to some lovely creative peeps from different industries in and around my world and posting them right here over the coming weeks so I hope you enjoy...
But first some of the spunkrats  work:
 The chat:
1. Do you have a nickname? 
You give me many nicknames, no one likes to call me by my real name, I don’t know why?? Maybe warren is a little too formal or has too much nerd appeal?

2.What are your qualifications? 
I have had 26 years experience, 27 this February

3.Who are you inspired by? 
People who are doing things in their own way and with their own style

4. Who is your favourite architect & why? 
At the moment in Australia – Andrew Maynard, Sean Godsell and Richard Goodwin, International – Herzog and De Meuron, BIG and Peter Zumthor. All have unique design styles and trajectories with strong orientation towards social and environmental ecology.

5. What would you say your architectural style is? 
 I don’t have a specific style. Each project is an individual response to place through a series of questions. You must have an answer for every question.

6. Favourite piece of clothing? 
Skinny leg cargos I picked up in Bangkok and a Ben Sherman casual suit jacket, perfect for any occasion.

7. Hobbies? 
I used to enjoy surfing and art but I am struggling to find the time at the moment, architecture has enveloped my life. I guess architecture has developed into an excessive hobby and I read a lot more than I used to which is great.

8. Favourite musician? 
There are a few, Sufjan Stevens, Bill Callaghan and Nick Drake.

9. Favourite fashion designer? 
I have no money for labels, im just a poor student. Vintage all the way

10. Favourite artist?
 Elmgreen & Dragset. I enjoy their wit & subversive humour

11. Favourite memory? 
Surfing when I was younger, travelling or any combination of the two. I remember fondly when I met my love also.

12. Tell FS a joke? 
How’s this for a joke...Tony Abbott!

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