Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Chaz Webb

Please meet the beautiful, fun filled and talented photographer extraordinaire Chaz Webb. Chaz is the brains, beauty & talent behind Chaz Webb Photography, a boutique photography business.
Chaz is called apon to shoot some pretty amazing things, people, places & music. Some of her latest and greatest and my personal faves from her ever burgeoning collection of photos are shots of Florence & the Machine, Tame Impala & The Smashing Pumpkins. She is so great that she was the only photographer asked to shoot Ice Cube while he performed in Sydney recently! Pretty fabulous!

These are some of her pics:
For more awesome shots check out her website here.

Now the interview:
1: Tell us a little bit about Chaz Webb photography:
Chaz webb photography is an independent freelance one woman photographic bizz. I Take photos of pretty much everything and anything (specially music).
2. Who is your favourite photographer?
Fave photographer would have to be Ansell Adams.
3. What is a typical day like for you?
Typical day for me would be lotsa emails, chatting with the Editor and planning my shoots. And some FB !!
4. Your most memorable photography moment?
My most memorable photographic moment would have to be in Sanfrancisco. I Was only there for a very short time and 1 quick visit to the bridge. In that short amount of time there was a smog cloud over the bay only for a few minutes but just enough time for me to get some absolutely incredible black and whites. Once in a life time for me!
 5. Where would you like Chaz Webb Photography to be in 5 years?
I would like Chaz Webb Photography to be a photographer that everybodys heard of!
6. What is your personal fashion style?
Personal fashion style for me, its ever changing and non conformist! I can be totally different from day to day. Casual day I will wear my little brown vintage ankle boots some denim shorts frill top white socks and a white shirt and a night out I'll do my little vintage dresses and vintage ankle boots. When I do my rock gig shoots I will usually go total rockstar leather jacket and tight jeans!
7. Fave fashion designer?I love Yves Saint Laurent. Even though i cant afford to buy the clothes I can still dream and picture myself looking great in those clothes!
8. Who is your favourite musician?
This is a hard one! I've seen so many amazing musicians with my job. And i love so much music! So im going to say my favourite so far I've shot.. Florence and the Machine.
9. Next place you would like to visit?
Any travel is good travel but im gonna say Cuba
10. Tell Frankie Sunshine a Joke...
Two muffins are in the oven.
One says to the other "God it's hot in here"
The other one replies "Oh no... It's a talking muffin"

Watch this space for something a little special very soon...

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