Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cuffs and collars

What a wonderful weekend. I have been daydreaming about booking a last minute holiday to Thailand to do nothing but lay in the sunshine and relax but still have a long way to go in convincing bf Sunshine. Tried to add a bit of light to a dull pic with some photo shop effects, and as you can see my skills are extremely limited! Sorry if this hurts peoples eyes!
I am wearing Stylestalker sheer shirt, Finders Keepers shorts, May bodysuit, wonderful hat, vintage bag and Keilana Skye heels.


  1. Love you Cuffy! Sweet shorts. Forget about BF I will escape to a Thai palace with you! X

  2. loving your shirt and the satin trimming! Ahhh I am just going over all my Thailand photos, still haven't posted all of them and is finally getting my act together and doing them now - come drop by :)

    x Lauren

  3. So amazing, I love your outfit! You are so quirky.

  4. I Love Ure Outfiiit!! :D

    Don't firget to come and take a look ...

  5. I'm loving the shorts, really cool.