Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A cup of tea with Lucia Pang

Lucia Pang is one hell of a talented photographer and I was thrilled to work with her on the Frankie Sunshine 'Winter Hearts' lookbook recently. Totally proffessional and with a strong vision of what she wants her pictures to look like as well as being as lovely as apple pie. Something that you can't tell by looking at her pics? Did I mention she is only 16? Amaze.
We chatted. Enjoy:
What got you interested in photography & what now is your inspiration?
        I started just basically by picking up a camera and experimenting with it, playing around with the settings. I'm inspired, and have always been inspired, with the simplicity of everyday life. I'm a person that doesn't like having some special going by unnoticed and I figured the only way I can control that is if I capture it. One of the reasons why I picked up photography is because I admire the power it holds.
What has been your most amazing photography experience so far?
I flew to New York last year for Teen Vogue and that was really, really mind-blowing. I stopped off at Los Angeles on the way too, and it was the first time I took my photography to another country. New York is possibly the most exhilarating city ever. The energy and vibe is incredible; no wonder so many great artists live and work there. After I flew back to Sydney, I had inspiration whirling in my head and lots and lots of photos in my camera. I was in New York for about a week and during that timIHow would you describe your personal style?My personal style fashion and photography wise changes all the time, depending on what kind of mood I'm in and things like that. I go through phases with my fashion sense, like recently I was incredibly obsessed with the 60s and anything inspired by that period. I like oversized pieces alot and I like what the Olsen twins wear; they are really clever when it comes to clothes. Regarding my photos, I don't really want to limit myself to one specific style so I'm often always experimenting which is always fun.
Loves and hates of the job?
I get to work and collaborate with incredible people all the time, and some of my close friends were made because of my photography. There's something about having a talented team of artists and making photo magic. I love the fact that I can put my own ideas and style into my pictures. I can't find another better way to communicate or express through than photography. I love being able to travel and discovering and going to new places is always extremely exciting! Downsides of the jobs include the fact that post-production can be time consuming, especially the fact that I am a perfectionist and it might take a while to edit all the images. I'm not quite a fan of some of the early starts on shoots either!
What three things can you not live without?
Three physical things: Macbook, my camera and fashion. Intangible things: dreams, motivation, emotions.
Favourite music?
I hardly keep up with the songs playing on the radio anymore. When it comes to music, I listen to any beautiful voices I discover on the internet or get recommended to, and I tend to download all albums of an artist if I like their songs. I love Lisa Leob, Leona Naess, He Is We, Meg and Dia, Jamestown Story and Jillian Edwards, and also recently I've been addicted to Youtube stars such as Conor Maynard.
 Pointers you can share with us to make us as professional at picture taking as you?
If you feel like something is not right or missing, don't be afraid to alternate anything.
Experiment with everything. Press this button, shoot from this angle etc. Sometimes, it'll work out, sometimes it won't, but you will learn what to do and what not to.
Get feedback and opinions on your work!

Wowed much? Check out more of her magical pics here xx

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