Saturday, June 18, 2011

A cup of Tea with Kate McCoy

I first met Kate in her studio in Bondi one sunny Summer weekend and was blown away with the amazing jewels she was creating. Not only do her collections adorn the wrists, necks and ears of the superbabes heading down the RAFW runways but have also graced the pages of Vogue Australia several times as well as Yen, Karen and many more. You can check out all of her collections in her online store, how amazing is the copper choker (left)! The whole of the armoured dreams collection has my heart and I think a certain armoured ring set will be adorning one lucky finger of mine pretty soon.
I chatted to jewellery designer extraordinaire Kate.
Tell us about the Kate McCoy jewellery journey
….I was lost, (dramatic music, lost in the fields head shot ) and then I found jewellery. No seriously, I truly love making jewellery. Time ceases to have a hold on me when I am making my pieces. Its like I am oblivious to the outside world. Sometimes I get so involved in what I'm doing that my ankles swell from sitting at my bench for so long! If I could intra-venous chocolate and coffee to avoid walking away from my work I would. 
What inspires you to make the stunning pieces you do? 
I'm inspired by past, present and future design. I love looking through historical jewellery books, like the history of Bulgari, or Ancient forms of Adornment, whilst at the same time I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the current fashion trends on the cat walk in Paris and New York and Australia and New Zealand. There are some great things coming out of NZ. Being unique and creating an edge is all about pushing the conventional boundaries of what is and how to wear jewellery. So in each collection I try to bring something new to the table. For example my La Vie en Rose collection includes a rose ear piece that sits across the whole ear by hooking over the top of the ear rather than just hanging from the ear lobe. Or in the Odisea del Oro collection there is one single long earring, creating asymmetry in a look. 
What is your personal style? 
I'd say my personal style is quite classic but I do have a quirky side. 
Do you have a favourite jewellery designer? 
My favourite jewellery designer is Bulgari. 
Who is your favourite fashion icon? 
... I’d have to say Lady Ga Ga, purely because she pushes the boundaries but sometimes she gets it wrong. The best thing about her is she is not afraid to put herself out there.  But for style, Angelina Jolie not only for her beauty but for her service to the world.  
If you could dress any one person in your fabulous jewels who would it be? 
The outrageous crazy pieces I make, Lady Ga Ga for sure. But more fashionable pieces, Sarah Jessica Parker. She always wears amazing accessories.
Where is your favourite place?
Corsica. The best of France and Italy. And the beach.
Who is your favourite musician?
Eek, depends on my mood. Jill Scott. Erykah Badu, David Gray, Mr Scruff the list goes on. I don't have favourites when it comes to music.
What is your favourite item of clothing you own?
My hoodie… I'm such a dag. Actually no, my Mr Zimi black leather balero jacket. 
Tell Frankie Sunshine a joke 
I always wanted to be a procrastinator but never got around to doing it.

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