Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aeroplanes on the Wing

If you’ve never been on one (I know these people!) then you need to get out! I can say half as bad as I can good about the experience of flying. If your lucky enough to get an emirates upgrade - Good. If you get stuck next to an annoying chatty somebody that constantly needs to get out of their seat – Bad. Scored a cheap flight on a carrier that serves you food – Good. Lets face it were all hanging out to eat we're so starving from the 3 hour boarding wait.  Cheap flight, poor and forgot to bring your own snacks – Bad. So it sounds like i'm not painting a great picture here. But all we need to do is request an “Exit Window” seat on check in and voila – you get your moment in the clouds. Its impressive, picturesque and more importantly for a short time you get to feel your above it all. (Until you get brought back down to earth!) 

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