Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spoon Me

The glorious spoon. An individual piece as part of a place setting. The cool thing about the word spoon is its multi meaning. When we talk about spoon we don’t particularly wanna talk about cutlery. Right? Spoon goes back to the 15th century. Well the silver spoon. And I guess we can only hope the “other” spoon too. 
Put your hands up who wants spoon? (I just put my hand up!)  I think if we followed the rule of spoon we would all live in a happier place : 
Simple rules of spoon: If spoon is offered.. Take it !! 
If spoon is needed.. Give it!! No questions asked. 
Super hero style would be Spoon Girl (or Boy). They would spoon the world. 
So big spoon or little spoon whatever your preference we can all agree any spoon is good spoon. Now tell me you don’t wanna spoon? That’s an ordering of Spoon all round peoples.. and if your still not convinced – Try it and see! 

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