Friday, November 5, 2010

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Bri Brent

Bri Brent is the very talented gal behind the stunning 50's inspired label Miss Lulu. She designs her label, sources small runs of fabric (to keep things fresh) and produces each and every garment by hand with love. Let me tell you this girl is super sweet, beautiful and extremely talented. I have many Miss Lulu garments in my wardrobe and love every single one, the quality is second to none and boy can this girl cut, the fits are impeccable. Anyway I had a chat to the little miss behind the magical Miss Lulu and heres how it went:

1. Tell us a little about Miss Lulu?
Miss Lulu is a 1950's inspired clothing label for modern day Pin Ups!
Suggestive of bombshells and screen sirens of the war years, Miss Lulu handcrafts cheeky, figure flaunting pieces from classic rockabilly and Pin Up inspired prints. Think Pin Up polka dots, sexy leopard print, nautical stripes, trailer trash rockabilly gingham in signature styles & designs that will knock your socks off...and blow everyone else away!
You can catch Miss Lulu at local markets or shop online at
 2. What is your personal fashion style?
50's inspired prints and simple easy to wear pieces.
3. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
Vivienne Westwood.
4. Favourite musician?
Tom Delonge.
5. Where would you like to see Miss Lulu go?
Cute Miss Lulu Boutiques coming to a location near you! A one stop shop for Pin Up and rockabilly lovers! Maybe even a Mr Lulu for the boys!
6. What is a typical day like for you?
Busy!!! Cutting, sewing, labeling, restocking, coffee runs, emailing… all the fun business bits and pieces and trying not to step on all the pins on my workroom floor!
7. What could you not live without?
My cups of tea!
8. Favourite place?
Canada land.
9. Your favourite piece of clothing?
My Miss Lulu signature tees!
10. Tell Frankie Sunshine a joke
Why did the blonde take a ladder into the bar? She heard the drinks were on the house.

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