Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Coffee Bean Stalk

Coffee. The 3rd largest commodity in the world. Probably one of the only rituals that stands strong. My morning coffee ! Without fail. Without this amazing substance from nature my life would literally be in tatters! Coffee is the glue that holds it all together in more ways than one! Coffee actually is an excuse to bring all my friends together. Without it it's possible these friendships would become unglued at the seams. And what we want to do more of is drink that coffee and natter! A ritual I can do solely alone or with many (drink coffee not natter) I'm not as hardcore as to go a straight up espresso, I go a latte. A latte any day. Full cream thanks. 
Not sure if im into the speciality cats dropping roasted beans but then again to be fair I haven’t tried it. (and probably wont any time soon) After a lifetime of visits and sipping my favourite roast, the barrister now draws me pretty pictures with pure coffee love. Australia came 3rd in the world champs !  Will have to ignore the massive line and sometimes incredibly long wait. Don’t forget good coffee takes time. That’s not an excuse that’s true!

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