Friday, November 12, 2010

Frankie Sunshine Chats to Emily Rose Sorensen

Oh Friday its so good to see you again!
Let me introduce one of my favourites on this sunny Friday afternoon, Emily Rose.
This pretty girlfriend has piercing blue eyes, bright peach hair, a healthy bundle of fun in the soul and a voice that is oh so so sweet! I miss her and our wine dates dearly as she now resides in Byron Bay (bliss!) and is living her dream of writing original music and playing it to the ears of lucky people from all over... watch this space because this girl is going lots and lots of big and wonderful places very soon. Check out some of her amazing music here.

1. What is your musical style?
Melodic Pop Boy love songs sometimes Rock. Is this a genre?

2. favourite musician?
Far too many to choose. Possibly Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)

3.Career aspirations?
 To be recognised as a successful songwriter and to be able to make a living from doing this.../Lady of Leisure on a mansion Yacht (if all else fails)

4. Favourite fashion designer?
I don't have one. Is this a bad thing? Oh, but Miss Lulu clothing is amazing!

5. What is your personal fashion style?
 Mainly black, basic, sometimes pretty but sometimes grunge. I have bright hair so colours are usually out of the question, although I love a good red lippy!

6. Favourite place & why?
At the moment Byron Bay. This is where I spent a lot of my childhood and have so many great memories. I now live here and it is even better as an adult! There is something about this place that makes things better. It can often make time stand still, but I love that I feel I have plenty of time to be creative here!

7. Hobbies?
 Writing/ recording my music in my bedroom studio and Bikram yoga. I have just recently started this yoga and I am hooked. It kicks my arse every time I do it, but it really does make me feel amazing!

8. What could you not live without?
Red Wine and good friends/family!

9. life motto?
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

10. Tell Frankie Sunshine a Joke
Q.What's blue and white and sits at the bottom of the ocean?
A. A fridge in a denim jacket. (I used to really make me laugh as a kid....)


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