Thursday, November 11, 2010

give me a russh

I absolutely LOVE Abbey McCulloch and  have blogged about her before, but this little collaboration goes that one step further towards beautiful great things. Abbey McCulloch collaborates with Russh magazine for summer! yes fabulous I know. This little collaboration has got me so excited for Summer ( it has finally hit hot here after way too much winter dragging).
Summer is by far my favourite season and here are a few of my favourite things about this wonderous time...mangoes, the beach, easy fuss free dressing, evening swims, relaxedness (not sure if this is a word?!), sunbaking, social occasions galore, secret santas, beach hair, floaty frocks, afternoon drinks, holidays, sunkissed skin, watermelon, grapes,etc etc etc... the list could go on forever.
And out of all these lovely positives there is only one bad thing...mosquitos!
Lover & I have been getting attacked every single night while chasing sleep and multiple times each night, we have become expert mosquito hunters and last night we both caught one each without even having to turn the light on, we were impressed.

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