Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello its nice to meet you!

A very exciting project I have been busily working on over the last couple of months is finally here! And I am over the moon and way too excited to announce the opening of my very own online boutique this is something that I have dreamed & dreamed about (both in the day & the night times) but never in my wildest dreams thought I could or would make a reality, and now I have and I couldn't be happier!
I resigned from my job in fashion which was both  fabulous & demanding at the same time when I was exhausted beyond exhausted and well and truly sick of living out of a suitcase (anyone who tries to tell you a job full of 'Travel' is glamorous definitely has not been through the extremely long days, excruciating amount of time at airports, always being the one chosen for the random explosives check, weeks of only eating takeaway food, not to mention an acheing absence of routine and goodnight cuddles from your special friends -namely boy and puppy), fabulous parts, yes, new and interesting people, yes, great scenery also yes but the time had come to rest my tired head in my very own bed each and every night until I decided to sleep elsewhere. So I resigned and turned my attentions to my original career choice (I thought it might be nice to actually use the 4 year degree I had sitting idly under my tan, leather belt) and was refreshed by the change. It wasn't long though that my monthly magazines and blog reading habit weren’t quite enough to abate my need for more fashion in my world, I needed some full frontal fashion flair back in my life and started pondering about the 'what ifs' the 'how funs' the excitement and ideas about doing something in fashion to give me my fix. The ideas started freely flowing and I started collecting them and jotting them down into my pretty little notebook for a rainy day.
It wasn't until  after a dream holiday with BF sunshine to South East Asia with its inspiring colours, exotic flavours, hot hot heat, relaxed vibe and all round refreshing, rejuvinating hustle and bustle that I decided to throw my head and heart into this little project wholeheartedly and the support from my nearest and dearest told me I could totally do it...and so here it is after a LOT of work (a labour of love of course) and some amazing help from some amazing people in my life including Warry (BF Sunshine) who became my graphic designer du jour, Brother Matt my fabulous web designer & Laura lollylegs my beautiful best friend and my wordsmith extraordinaire, it is here so much sooner than I could have hoped and dreamed and ready to be launched into the webasphere. A massive thank you to these three very generous & talented people for helping in such an instrumental way to make Frankie Sunshine shine.
So please check it out, I have oodles of ideas and plans for where I want the website to go including showcasing design students undiscovered, fresh & exciting work, and lots more so please add Frankie Sunshine as a friend on Facebook and share it around to your fashion loving friends xx

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